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Repairs Questionnaire

Please help us to improve the service that we provide to you.

Please fill in your name and tick one box for each question.



1. Do you find it easy to use our service?

2. Do you always know who is coming to do the job?

3. Do you always know when they are coming?

4. What do you think of the day time service?

5. How good are we at telling you what’s going on?

6. Sometimes there may be changes; do we tell you about these?

7. Do we tell you when you need to pay for a job?

8. If we need to send you a bill for work; do we let you know how much this will be?

9. Have you had an emergency and had to ring us at night time or weekends?

10. If yes, what did you think of the night time or weekend emergency service?

How can we improve our service?