Supported Housing for individuals with a disability

Supported Housing for individuals with a disability

Choice, Respect, Independence, Equal Opportunities and Rights for our tenants

Partners Foundation are a Registered Social Landlord and also a Not for Profit Organisation.

We are a Supported Housing Landlord, managing accommodation which provides support services for people with a range of disabilities. Our team is kept to a minimum to allow for professionalism, approachability and the upmost care to be given at all times to all individuals who use our service.

It is important to us that our tenants have choice, respect and independence while living in one of our properties.

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Housing for disabled people

We’re not just a landlord...

We believe in giving the best care and support to all of our tenants and families. We build excellent relationships in order to offer continuity and stability and will always find a solution to any problem, no matter how big or small.

Established as a care provider in 1994 by Ann Fairhurst and Phil Shanks, the vision for Partners Foundation was to provide good quality housing to those who needed it. Partners Foundation offers quality housing for its tenants based on their individual needs and enables choice to all, in order to be able to have valued lives in and as part of the local and wider community. We support and encourage our staff and tenants to be committed in our values of: choice, respect, independence, equal opportunities and rights.

Meet our team

Michelle Rimmer
Managing Director

I am responsible for the day to day management of the team and our companies operational procedures, providing support to the team, tenants, carers and support providers. I ensure that the services we provide are delivered, monitored, maintained and improved upon were necessary.

Gordon Barton
Managing Director

I am responsible for the day to day management of the team and our companies operational procedures, providing support to the team, tenants, carers and support providers. I ensure that the services we provide are delivered, monitored, maintained and improved upon were necessary.

Katrina Simpson
Benefits Advisor

I support tenants to apply for and obtain their full entitlment to benefits. I support tenants with housing benefit and personal benefits, supporting individuals with the completion of forms and keep track of changes in circumstances liaising with local authorities and benefits agencies.

Clare Daven

I deal with the day to day finances of the company which involves maintaining the accounts and preparing for audit, all aspects of banking, VAT, paying of contractors, annual returns and property insurance, ensuring we meet all our financial requirements in relation to our obligation in providing supported housing.

Denis Jolly
Director of Development & Maintenance

I will assist tenants with finding a property that meets their needs or can assist and arrange all necessary works/adaptations/repairs to be carried out to a property.I will ensure that PFL as a supported housing landlord conform to all regulations    to    meet    their responsibilities in connection with your home. I can offer practical advice and support on looking after your home.

Sue Holding
Repairs Manager

I take all your repairs, arrange contractors to carry our works to your home. I will check that jobs are carried out and completed and that tenants are happy with the work. I can arrange quotes and help with jobs that are our tenant's responsibility and will keep you informed of what is going on. I can arrange to maintain, repair and replace any appliances we have provided to our tenants.

Debbie Morris
Repairs Team

I assist Sue when taking repairs, arranging jobs, and checking they have been completed. I am responsible for arranging the gardening at your home. I also make sure all the contractors who carry out the jobs have public liability insurance.

Sinead McGowan
Tenant Services Manager

I meet with tenants, families, carers and Support Providers and can offer advice on Support Packages, Support Services, Finances, DFG Funding and Personal Benefits. I can arrange to visit tenants at their home if they have any issues or problems that they wish to discuss.I manage the voids at our existing properties  and  liaise  with  Local Authorities, Support Providers and other agencies looking at the needs of the individuals and compatibility with any existing tenants.

Juli Round
Office Manager

I have the responsibility to manage the day to day running of the office. I am one of the office first aiders and  the fire marshall, carrying out the Health and Safety checks ensuring we meet the H&S regs.  I also manage the out of hours repairs rota and manage staff holidays, sickness and general office cover.  I support each department with tasks and cover roles when needed.

Cinzia Wells-Fairhurst
General Let Coordinator

My role at Partners Foundation is to manage the portfolio of general let properties. I sign up new tenants and carry out property inspections, also I deal with a range of queries from collecting rent payments, to dealing with property repairs. I work hard to establish a good working relationship with our tenants and in turn, I have built trust with them and we share a mutual respect between tenant and landlord.

Brittany Fallon

I am the newest member of the PFL team.I process the day to day Administration of the Company, and will usually be the first person you speak to when you ring.

Richard Eastwood

I carry out the local DIY services, PAT testing and gardening services to our tenants. I also assist with the repairs service ensuring jobs are completed within a satisfactory timescale and tenants are happy with the work carried out. I arrange quotes for jobs that are tenant's responsibility.

Working within the community

Community partnerships such as those established with Partners Foundation can be of mutual benefit to the partners that engage with us. These partnerships come about through initiatives which exchange knowledge, experience and skills between our organisation and our community partners, helping to improve lives of others. Getting involved in collaborative work such as this offers benefit to local communities which is often stimulating and extremely rewarding. For many of our staff it is a welcome complement to their day to day, work focused life.

At present we are funding a member of staff who is seconded to work at ‘Fur Clemt’, (this is a local term meaning ‘Very Hungry’), which is a perfect name for Wigan’s Real Junk Food Project. The team at Fur Clemt aim to reduce edible food waste, by intercepting this valuable commodity before it reaches landfill. Fur Clemt is supported by Wigan Council’s ‘The Deal’ which works together with local companies to create a better borough creating less waste. The aim is to ensure that the local community has access to fresh food. Since July 2015 we have made over 65,000 meals and saved over 480 tonnes of edible food from waste.

What we do and why

We are a supported housing landlord that has been accredited to provide property related services to tenants; offering help and support to deal with repairs, benefits and other services.

Partners Foundation is based on a positive regard for all human beings, regardless of their housing needs.

We believe very much in the sanctity of human life, human dignity and human rights and ensure that the whole organisation operates with these beliefs guiding our working day. Making lives thrive is something which is at the forefront of every decision we make as a company. We are not afraid to be different and we pride ourselves on making housing which is user friendly and allows longevity and sustainability

Housing for disabled people

Our achievements

We pride ourselves on being able to help create successful lives through our individual focused way of working. Our tenants know we have their future and focus at the head of everything we do. The people we are supporting feel valued and listened to, we produce homes which work for each individual and one which allows them to live their life, safely, happily and independently. Our accommodation becomes a home which has longevity, a real sense of belonging.

Achievement 3

We have succeeded alongside local authorities and commissioners, to reduce the number of tenants sharing accommodation.

Achievement 2

Partners Foundation assisted local authorities to achieve their resettlement targets.

Achievement 1

Phil Shanks a member of the Partners Foundation board was nominated as finalist for The National Learning Disabilities & Autism Award 2017.

Success stories

Hayden's Story

Hayden has autism, she has been successfully re-housed by Partners Foundation. 
It has been a long time in the planning and Hayden is absolutely delighted.

Darren's Story

Darren has Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy and is also non-verbal. His mother Irene obviously worries about him and his future. Like any mother, she just wants the best for her son. Partners Foundation were able to supply Darren with his own home with everything inside completely catering for his every need.

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