Supported Housing for individuals with a disability

Supported Housing for individuals with a disability

Our new tenant, Hayden

Partners Foundation are proud to introduce you to Hayden.

We were approached by Hayden’s family following a failed tenancy with another provider. Haden had previously shared accommodation but this had irretrievably broken down and so she returned home to live with family. The experience was very negative for Hayden and as a result she no longer wanted to live with anyone else.





Mum contacted PFL as she had put an offer in on a property that she wanted to buy for Hayden but had been advised that she would be better allowing an RSL to purchase the property. She had hoped that we would be the RSL as properties in the area didn’t come up very often and did not want to miss the opportunity to purchase this one.

We met with Hayden and it was evident that the property would perfectly meet Hayden’s needs. Since moving in Hayden has settled really well and feels safe and secure in her own home with the support of staff. She feel s secure in the knowledge that she has a secure tenancy and a home for life.








13th February 2019

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