Supported Housing for individuals with a disability

Supported Housing for individuals with a disability

Success stories

Darren's Story

Darren has Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy and is also non-verbal. His mother Irene obviously worries about him and his future. Like any mother, she just wants the best for her son. Partners Foundation were able to supply Darren with his own home with everything inside completely catering for his every need.

Brendan's Story

Living in a block of flats, life was very isolated.  Few trips outside, support wasn’t being given, he felt shunned and forgotten.  Now with Partners Foundation he has found a home. He now shares his living accommodation with another tenant, aiding company and a sense of family, whilst having full independence.

Paul's Story

Before Paul found accommodation with Partners Foundation his life was limited.  Without space to move in his wheelchair, without natural light, without a garden, life was dismal. He now sees a long term future in his new home, life is worth living.

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